Sunday, February 27, 2005

Simple Plan - Still Not Getting Any Review

Oh my gawd, Simple Plan have done it again. The power pop punk sounds of Still Not Getting Any is totally what I want to rave on about in this review. All the tracks are really good and I recommend this album a lot. It is very dynamic. The chord structures melt like butter in your mouth and the lyrics really haunt your body and your soul long after listening. It reminds me of Mest, Greenday, and Frank Zappa. The tracks are really good. Some of the tracks are called things like "Welcome to my life", "Perfect World", "Jump", "Everytime" and "Promise." Some of these track names are not original but they are good and describe the tracks on Still Not Getting Any perfectly.

Well I'd love to rave about Still Not Getting Any by Simple Plan all day, but what more can I really say? I think you should get this album as it is the best one they have ever released and will probably ever release. It totally tops my scales. It tops my charts. It fills my soul with the haunting melodies and soothing lyrics. Please get this album from Walmart today as it is only $9.99. If you like poppunk and punkpop then you will be falling over yourself to by Still Not Getting Any by Simple Plan. So heed this review and do what I say today. Thank you for reading my review of Simple Plan's new album.