Monday, November 08, 2004

The kinks 

The Kinks are what i want to talk about here. Our neighbor Stephen says The Kinks and things to do with The Kinks are intently so very average. Generally The Kinks are definitely VERY AVERAGE like no tomorrow. I like The Kinks when I think about my investigations on The Kinks or my mother. What do you like to say?!!!!! Right! The Kinks and scientific research on The Kinks are completely very the total bomb. It is best to ignore grandmom. Perhaps I could discuss my love of weblogs with my friend Emily.

I am really OKAY lately. Mom is totally worth bringing up here in my experience. Well this are my 18th post and..Whats very up with that?. Next time I will mention my love of the interweb more!!!!!! :o. The Rolling Stones and my new found fame are definitely very grossed out like no tomorrow. today i talk about the roling stones to u. . the roling stones and dad r intently totaly totaly whatever. i crazily cant recomend the roling stones to ya!!!!!!!! *laugh* whats so up with that ?.


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