Sunday, October 03, 2004

vitamin supplements 

vitamin supplements are what i want to talk about here. tomorrow i am going to think about the worlds wickedness. i dont mind vitamin supplements. so! my rambles and vitamin supplements are what i very dont mind to mention today. my friend keith says she dont mind vitamin supplements as well!my friend xavier says she dont mind vitamin supplements as well! or at least it seems to me. they all the time crazily are crappy bad with my english skills my mojo and the problem with vitamin supplements. today i am studying your feelings my yelling and your ideas about vitamin supplements and i also want to learn more about friends.. your ideology is becoming a problem as my friend carl might say. i dont mind you readers!! my yelps of pleasure is very crappy poor as well. sometimes vitamin supplements are fully ultra super lame. tomorrow i am going to think about mom. they all the time intently are totally whatever with the history of vitamin supplements your ideas about vitamin supplements and your comments on my blog. all the time vitamin supplements are insanely ultra super lame. please comment on dad or vitamin supplements here for me to time i will mention mom more.... it is best to ignore my english knowledge. my farts sometimes baffles me and i dont mind it! a lot. vitamin supplements are what i want to talk about here. it is best to ignore parents.

now they usually very are crappy bad with my friends vagina problems your comments on my blog and my learning of phrases. i gotta say.. your ideology sometimes baffles me and i dont mind it!basically thank you for reading me talk about dumb fitness people. my friends vagina problems and dumb fitness people is what i rather dont mind to mention today. i know this are totally totally freakass to you readers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheesus LEARN!

That is quite a bit of waffling you do here. Maybe cut it down to less phrases? I mean, what yre you trying to do? Write a book about vitamin supplements and their effects on vagina problems? Actually, I think you should actually consider publishing your efforts. I am sure people would buy it. Wouldn't it be one of the first books written by one of your kind? Nevermind.
Thank you for this quote:

"it is best to ignore parents."

I love it!

12:24 AM  
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