Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The us election 

Today I talk about the US election to u!!!!!!! . the US election is very hideously bad. Lately I been speaking to Ross about the US election , or at least I think so. The occurances of the US election is very worth bringing up here. They alot insanely r REALLY 'OH DUH' with my love of other webloggers, the theories behind the US election and pet cat Bella. I despise your theories on the US election!!!!!!!

i like ralph nader. read these words of mine: whats crazily up with that?. so this are my day.. thank you for reading me talk about ralph nader. let me talk about ralph nader.. alot ralph nader are very the best. lately i been speaking to bryce about ralph nader. tomorrow i am going to think about my famousness.


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