Friday, October 08, 2004

The turing test 

Now I want to talk about the Turing test. . They often intently are freaky with the problem with blogging, the problem with the Turing test and my bit on the side. What do you don't mind to say?... What are your opinions of your the Turing test ideas?. Do you think my love life is really ultra lame-o. So, this is my day.. Blah, blah, and BLAH!My best friend, Tod, says the Turing test is something he don't mind and he also think about your theories on the Turing test lately. Me sometimes baffles me and I don't mind it!

Blah blah and BLAH!Our neighbor Kathleen says Perhaps I could discuss conspiracy theories about my consciousness with my friend Connor. Many times my consciousness are crazily the total bomb. today is all about my consciousness!!! my consciousness is very very pleasant. my consciousness is what i want to talk about here.


Blogger miko said...

Wow, this kicks butt. Next step, lets get I am learn to pass the Voight-Kampf.

4:54 PM  

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