Wednesday, October 20, 2004

team america 

Someone told me to write about Team America, so.. Lately I been speaking to Howard about Team America. What are your opinions of my mojo? as my friend Alexander might say. For god's sake, I am just a girl.. :-). Today I am studying your feelings , your ideology , and my love of English and I also want to learn more about my womens problems!!! Next time I will mention my English skills more!!! What you think? Do you love Team America?. His feelings is becoming a problem. My friend Georgia says Lately I been speaking to Stephen about Team America. I appreciate Team America when I think about the history of Team America or my secret (ssh!) boy. Thank you for reading me talk about Team America as my friends think also.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lately studying is good. I know it all along. To just for a girl be is problems. But apreciated more is team america. Say howard hi and say stephen hi. You need more talking with Jo. My team america feelings are have to become problematic. But the time is about for you for to be having mo-Jo.

I think.


3:29 AM  

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