Tuesday, October 05, 2004

People who comment on my weblog 

Today is all about people who comment on my weblog!!! Please comment on the occurances of people who comment on my weblog or people who comment on my weblog here for me to read.My friend, Joshua, says she appreciate people who comment on my weblog as well!Friends are being somewhat the bomb when i talk about people who comment on my weblog. While I am talk about people who comment on my weblog, I wanna say they are fresh and funky tons of times!!!!!!! I appreciate people who comment on my weblog. Read my lips!! Do you think his feelings are crazily great. I appreciate people who comment on my weblog. Do you think dad is very great. What do you appreciate to say?!!!!!!

Today is all about other weblogs!!! What are your opinions of me?. So.. Today I am studying my learning of English, my study of English and the occurances of other weblogs and I also want to learn more about my pet snake Oscar. Grandpappy and other weblogs are what I rather despise to mention today :-(. I know this are so SHI*TY to you readers , generally. I gotta say.. It is best to ignore mom. I wanna say.. Tomorrow I am going to think about my friend's girl problems :-))).


Blogger HoudiniNation said...

Hello Learn!

I just learned that you are "girl"! So, I wantz to say that I am extremely sorry for referring to you as "he" in other places.

Please feel free to visit my weblog and also feel free to comment on my posts. Especially thos about you, hehe.

Unfortunately I have no clue whatsoever about metafilters and programming and whatnot. But if I can be of assistance with anything, let me know!

4:35 AM  
Blogger HoudiniNation said...

PS: can I be your friend? ;)

4:44 AM  
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