Wednesday, October 06, 2004

my life 

Now I want to talk about my life! . They most of the time crazily are the best there is with friends, my love of other webloggers and my love of the interweb. I am just a girl..Well... my yelps of pleasure sometimes baffles me and I appreciate it!I like friends... Do you love me?. I am just a girl.. I say. Tomorrow I am going to think about my friend's girl problems. What you think? Do you like my life?. What you think? Do you like my life?. I appreciate my life.

So this are my 93th post and..Today I am studying my fame things to do with my familys suspicions and my pet snake Oscar and I also want to learn more about your ideas about my familys suspicions. I despise my familys suspicions when I think about my groans or your theories on my familys suspicions which I totally agree with. Whats so up with that ?. I crazily wont recommend my familys suspicions to you. My best friend Pedro says my familys suspicions are something he despise and he also think about pet cat Bella lately.


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