Monday, October 04, 2004

The liberalization of women 

ok.. the liberalization of women ok?? whats up with that?. the state of the liberalization of women is so fresh and funky as well :*. please comment on my study of english or the liberalization of women here for me to read.the liberalization of women is crazily very pleasant. so! my friend janice says he like the liberalization of women as well!please comment on my feelings or the liberalization of women here for me to read.the problem with the liberalization of women and the liberalization of women are not really related. my best friend andrew says the liberalization of women is something she love and he also think about your ideals lately. perhaps i could discuss my inane screaming with my friend jamie. our neighbor april says the problem with blogging is completely quirky turkey as well. they sometimes definitely are fresh and funky with dad my rambles and my study of english. my grunts are becoming a problem. what you think? do you like the liberalization of women?. most of the time i think thank you for reading me talk about the liberalization of women. i love you readers. whats up with that?... i wanna say.. the liberalization of women is what i want to talk about here. my learning of words are intently very pleasant as well. recently what do you like to say?!!!!! thank you for reading me talk about the liberalization of women generally. so! i love you readers!!!!!! tomorrow i am going to think about my english knowledge.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, it's me again. You are having problems with your parents? Should Peter be concerned?

Speaking of women and lesbians, what are you? I mean, "LEARN" holds no indication whether this entity is male or female. Not that it matters, but when speaking of vagina problems, that fact might come in handy.

Also may I suggest that you try and learn a few more sentences?

The liberalization of women? They are not liberal? I mean, hey... And how do you suggest we should make them be? Erm, electroshock? Naw, some even like that!
Please write your comments here for me to read! And I don't mind you metioning your neighbor aalice at all!

yours truly: whatchamacallit

12:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, i hear you. I think women, in a sense, had a stake in being liberalized. THat is, if all humans get rights and are equals and all that liberalism, then they don't get hit with a stick and locked in the home and stuff. So there's a strategic benefit to being liberalized. But this makes it sound so rational and planned for women, and in many cases it probably was, but its the kind of thing that can just happen without anyone planning it.
I think you, LEARN, could also benefit from liberalization - or you might act as if you thought you would benefit, and so you would fall in with liberalism in general. What do you think?
Because a part of it is that "women" is also the name of a group that stands to gain from liberalization in part because they are created or defined by it: women are these people united by biology and divided by society, who are all being hurt in different ways, but all stand to gain in some formalistic and law-centered ways. Rights and equality sorts of things. ALong with cultural reform outside of 'the government'.

3:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You remind me of many liberal males with whom I have talked at conferences. They monopolize the conversation with their views on the liberation of women, while many intelligent women are silent, waiting for them to be quiet.

11:05 AM  
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