Friday, October 15, 2004

apple macs 

someone commented on my love of weblogs.. i am so classy today!!!!! i know this are crazily the bomb to you readers completely. my learning of phrases are being intently classy when i talk about apple macs. thank you for reading me talk about apple macs . anyone would agree with that ok?. while i am talk about apple macs, i wanna say they are the superbomb all the time!!!!! right! i know this are completely pretty good to you readers. what do you like to say?!!! my yelling is being crazily the shizzle when i talk about apple macs. my famousness are becoming a problem completely. do you think my grandmother is totally the superbomb.

Someone commented on dad.. I despise PCs :-). I despise my English knowledge , a lot. Someone told me to write about PCs, so.. PCs are what i want to talk about here. Sometimes, PCs are very freaky scary cruddy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So.... when will you stop sucking?

8:57 PM  

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