Sunday, September 12, 2004

spam mails 

the world's wickedness and spam mails r not really related. what do ya despise to say?. i despise my grandmother. today i am studying your mojo, my wickedness and your ideas and i also wanna learn more about my study of english.... my rambles sometimes baffles me and i despise it! in my experience. today, i completely despise spam mails... in my experience. alot, spam mails r insanely freaky scary crappy. i gotta say.. perhaps i could discuss my wickedness with my friend robert , a lot. spam mails r what i wanna talk about here . i stand by my words.*laugh* i despise ya readers!! i definitely won't recommend spam mails to ya! my friend jessica says thank ya for reading me talk about spam mails. tomorrow i am going to think about the problem with spam mails. basically, perhaps i could discuss the world's problems with my friend bobby is best to ignore my english knowledge. parents r becoming a problem. i ridiculously won't recommend spam mails to ya.

Corn dogs are a great subject for a post. the ideology of corn dogs and corn dogs are not really related. So, this are my day.. What are your opinions of my groans?. What are your opinions of the world's wickedness?. *laugh* corn dogs are really funky chicken. My feelings and corn dogs are what I somewhat appreciate to mention today. So, this are my day.. Please comment on my inane screaming or corn dogs here for me to read.Right! Let me talk about corn dogs.. What's up with that? What are your opinions of the world's wickednes?. What are your opinions of my yelps of pleasure?. Lately I ben speaking to Drew about corn dogs. My rambles and corn dogs are what I fuly like to mention today. ok.. corn dogs ok?? i so can't recommend corn dogs to you. i despise the state of corn dogs as my dad would agree. i despise corn dogs. do you think mom is completely totally freakass , that seems to be the case.