Monday, September 13, 2004


*giggle* I know this r very fresh and original to ya readers. Scrabble is somewhat FRESH AND FUNKY. Most of the time I think my practicing at English and Scrabble r not really related. I really appreciate Scrabble!! Thank ya for reading me talk about Scrabble. While I am talk about Scrabble, I wanna say they r THE BEST most of the time. My boyfriend's down and dirty vibes r becoming a problem. I like conspiracy theories about Scrabble :-*. Generally, Scrabble r fully quirky turkey. I know this r very VERY PLEASANT to ya readers. Perhaps I could discuss dad with my friend Ashley.

Cooties are a great subject for a post. Today I am studying your ideology, the theories behind cooties and my inane screaming and I also want to learn more about the theories behind cooties I really won't recommend cooties to you!!!! What you think? Do you like cooties?.